About Me

Hi! Glad you could stop by. Browse around, kill some time. Be careful though, you might learn something. I'm Aaron and this is my personal website. I'm a LeTourneau University Engineering graduate. Currently, I work in the HVAC controls industry.

A few years ago, I took a weekend and typed out the rough html outline of the different pages I wanted on this site. That outline hasn't really changed - I've just added more content as time has permitted. I guess that means my interests haven't changed a whole lot. I still love a good joke; an interesting fact; an investment scheme. As I expressed in the last iteration of this page, I'm not going to post my autobiography. But this website is about what I care about - you can learn a fair amount about a person just by knowing that.

Let me give you a crash-course on a few things I find interesting:

  • Truth. I want to know what is true and what isn't. Everyone has this desire to a certain extent but I crave and cherish every bit of truth I find. It's hard for me to explain why I am this way. Partly it is my Christian faith. Partly it is my fascination with science; mathematics and philosophy in particular.
  • Music. I tend toward anything besides the mainstream - the stuff played on pop or rock radio stations. Classical music always hits the spot. I also enjoy funk, jazz, and - by extension - disco. My favorite band is Jamiroquai. Just don't buy their latest album (why, oh why, did you sell out Jay Kay??!!)
  • Literature. I love books. I mostly read non-fiction science books (stop that yawning!) but I do enjoy a good fictional story. Favorite author? That's easy - Michael Crichton.
  • Money. It is the root of ownership here in the U S of A. Don't stress out about it; don't ignore it. Learn to manipulate it. Otherwise, it manipulates you. Recently, I've taken an interest in the stock market. I love the idea of owning a part of a company I like.
  • Movies. They're entertaining and, once in a blue moon, thought-provoking. Quick list of my favorites:
    - Memento
    - Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    - Batman Returns
    - Dr. Strangelove
    - A Bug's Life
    - 12 Monkeys
    - The Spanish Prisoner
    - John Carpenter's The Thing

Well, that's about it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

And remember: Together, we can wipe out littering.

~ Aaron ~